Nets for protection

Nets for indoor and outdoor sport grounds protection are made from different materials, depending on their purpose. Polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene nets with thread thickness of 1 – 6 mm, mesh size from 5×5 mm up to 140×140 mm, stabilized against UV rays, lined and connected with synthetic braided or normal ropes with thickness of 3 – 14 (or more) mm. They are made to measure required by the client, so any football, handball, volleyball, golf or basketball court, tennis or badminton playground, gym or pool in which walls, ceilings, windows and audience require protection can be easily equipped with nets of proper dimensions very quickly.Also, nets for hockey, archery, paintball or any other sport can be delivered to the customer’s address shortly after ordering.

Nets for sports

Nets for soccer and handball goals, nets for mini goals, hockey or water polo are made from polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene or polyester and are machine produced or hand-knitted. Thay can be of standard sizes or according to the dimensions required by the customer. The most common colors are white and green. Volleyball, beach volleyball and tennis nets are of standard dimensions, professional or for educational purposes. lined with synthetic strip and equipped with wire cable.