Nets for Catamarans and home trampolines

Nets for catamarans are made of high strenght nylon – – thread 5 mm , mesh 30 mm ). They are safe, durable , moderate weight, with high comfort Borders of our catamaran nets are all reinforced with multiple rows and with 10 mm rope, too. Dimensions are acording to old, used net or outline drawing .

Net bags , shelves made of net

Have you ever made a wish to have a beg to see through… a bag in which your kees or book or paper handkerchief will be wisible from outside ..

…to have a shelf where you will easilly find all your stuff which will be always in perfect mish-mash order

If so, our net begs and shelves are perfect for you !!

Fisherman nets for decoration

These nets can be white or coloured, with hemp, jute, cotton or weeping rope boarded , old corks or shelfish attached.

Creating a new net for decoration is always in interaction with customer, an mutual proces and two-way route.

We are preparing more coletions of fishing nets for home decoration 

-navy colection 
-colection old gold
-colection rust